Wednesday, April 6, 2011

first picture of quilting in progress

Dorry has given me her entry in a guild challenge to quilt. You'll learn a bit more about that when I get it quilted. She'll have been to New Zealand and back before I can post pictures, but I don't want anyone to think I'm not quilting! I just don't want to show very much until it's done and she's seen it.

But Dorry asked me to quilt the borders with something based on this motif, from an ad for a local pub

.... in three borders of her quilt. While the ad's shamrocks are pretty as colored silhouettes, they are too complicated for me to quilt, with too many of the stems and tendrils to really show up well as quilting motifs for all the trouble it would be. Her borders have flying geese inserts going around the quilt pointed clockwise, so I redrew the overlapping shamrocks to grow directionally, and last weekend I finished quilting the main design. Now I'll be spending quite a bit of time filling in around it but this is what it looked like yesterday before I started that process.

I didn't tell Dorry exactly what I was going to do done with her pieced triangles just under this border, so I've cropped that out of the photo.

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Sherrye said...

You make mention of Dorry a lot in your postings. Do you mind if I ask who she is?

That shamrock pattern must have been a real challenge!!