Saturday, April 2, 2011

Civil War Week 14 - Fox and Geese

This was another straightforward block to piece in the series. I wanted a pink and brown block somewhere along the way because I don't think I've ever done one.

When we hit that 1/4 mark last week, my friends who are also making these blocks started talking a bit about how we plan to lay them out in the quilt. I had been planning to take a group picture when I got to week 16, because they will make a nice 4x4 grid, but I was anxious to see the blocks through the camera. Here they are are positioned left to right, top to bottom in the order we made them. The color distribution at least makes it appear they belong together. I would change the positions to better distribute the darker and lighter blocks, and the strong diagonals.

I can see that I need to be sure I repeat a few more of the strongest colored fabrics, like the dark blue of the week 12 block.

Sampler quilts are often the first quilt we make. The variety of blocks can be a challenge put together. I can't say they are a favorite of mine, but working on a different block every week has been fun and I think I will like the end result. I have been interested in Civil War history for decades so I'm pretty familiar with the events Ms. Brackman describes. The details she includes, snippets from contemporary diaries and letters, and tying the quilt blocks in to the history make me look forward to reading her posts every week. Sharing photos with friends all around the world is a real bonus.


Dorry said...

Oh yes, pink and brown is a pretty combination.

Sherrye said...

I hadn't noticed the strong diagonal repeats until you put them all together..........pretty striking after all.

Judy said...

I enjoy seeing all the blocks together. I may just post my pictures once a month so the quilt as some continuity. Plus, that's about as often as I sit and post pictures anyway.
Wish you were on your way to NZ. Can we Skype the RR reveal?