Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Charming but how to quilt it?

I made my little quilt from the Australian charms very simple in order to highlight each tiny square. Finally, I have it mounted on the machine for quilting. The quilt is so small I could baste the entire quilt on in minutes, and, unconventionally started quilting from the bottom with some dense quilting in the 1/4 inch frames around each charm.

This initial quilting makes the individual squares pop forward, even with the thinner batting I chose in keeping with the small size of the quilt. I took this photo so you get to see the kangaroo I used for the first time. I was quite surprised to find the quilt shop in nearby Waynesville had a collection of Australian fabrics.

I keep changing my mind about how to quilt the dark green sashing between the charms - leaves? a suggestion of a landscape? straight lines? Although straight lines may seem plain, they take longer and are more difficult to execute than other choices. But they may make the best background as they contrast in their simplicity with the variety of prints in the charm collection I wish to highlight.

I hope to figure it out today!

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Heather said...

Cheryl, I look forward to seeing what you do next on this little quilt. It has been quite a challenge for you I think!!! and I am thrilled with what you have done so far!