Sunday, May 22, 2011


When I made the border for Kason's quilt from the University of Kansas Jayhawk fabric, I was left with a piece just the right width for an Apron, suitable for a competitive Barbecuer, and one of the World's Die-Hard Jayhawk fans, brother in law Marvin!

Here he is showing the lined, double stitched pockets. I used a pattern for a lined apron I found on line for the basic apron design, and a chef's style apron Norris uses for cooking to get the size and placement of the pockets.

Norris went to the "other" state university in Kansas, so he would not be my model. Thankfully, Marla took these for me after the apron arrived for Marvin to use at their backyard barbecue set up.

If you were thinking there's something about that blue checkerboard pattern - there is. The best match for the KU blue that I had on hand is a gradated fabric - I made sure I laid out the squares to keep some of that fade from lighter to darker blue. The pocket is invisible in my photo because I made the prints line up perfectly.

We'll gladly feast on leftovers from Marvin's cooking and now he can protect his clothes with leftovers from Kason's fire-engines quilt.

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