Thursday, January 20, 2011

fabric storage at Reems Creek Quilting

Dorry was organizing her fabric collection yesterday and asked how the rest of us do it. Unlike some quilters who like their fabric out and visible, I like to hide my clutter and had my sewing studio lined with cabinets. (It is also practical since the quilting machine generates an incredible amount of dust). The drawers are mostly organized by color, but some drawers contain projects - like this small one, with the Civil War blocks fabrics pulled to one place for the year-long quilt-making endeavor -

I recently added several aqua-blue fabrics to what I had originally selected.

And here's a drawer that's been reserved for my sister's quilt since I moved in to the studio.

The last time Joyce came to visit was just after we moved in, two and a half years ago. She helped me get all the pieces of fabric out of boxes and into the drawers, then we started working on her new quilt. The pieces in the lower right corner are fabrics I bought since that I think she might consider adding - except the lightest blues which are for another project. When I work on that one, I will need to borrow from "Joyce's collection."

I'll post more about the blue-red-purple quilt soon - Joyce is coming to visit us in February and we'll finally get cracking on her quilt again!

Norris' mother asked how Kason's quilt was coming along. Our local UPS service got behind with the weather we had the last few weeks, so my yellow sashing fabric was delayed a day. But it arrived on Tuesday, was washed, dried, pressed, and cut. Progress is pretty fast at this point -

The top part is mostly assembled -
The remaining two rows are still on the design wall but not for long.

It almost looks like it's going to be a yellow quilt with all those bars of yellow sashing, but when the final borders go on, it will be a blue and white quilt again, with some red and yellow accents. Kason's Grandpa Marvin is going to want a quilt like this I think.

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Dorry said...

Keep it up, you're almost there!

Does Kason know this is coming?