Saturday, January 22, 2011

Texas Tears

The latest block in the Civil War Block of the Week series is Texas Tears.

I have not made a block constructed like this one before - it proved challenging mostly because I didn't bring the measurements from the screen to the cutting table and cut some pieces at 1 7/8ths inches instead of 1 7/16ths. Quilt blocks don't fit together well when you make mistakes like that. Happily, that kind of mistake (cutting too large) is easily undone. The seams are all short - seam rippers are handy tools. No tears required.


Heather said...

Gosh Cheryl!!! I wake up to VIEW the latest block from Barbara Brackman, and you have already completed your block, worked out the problems in constructing it (helpful for us in the Southern Hempisphere who are sleeping over night) and have posted it on your blog. Your block looks beautiful - and inspirational as ever!!

Judy said...

How wonderful Cheryl! I really like the blue fabric. I agree with ladybird! You do help us down under by working out all the little details BEFORE we wake up! Thanks!!
When I saw this block I did grab my face with both hand and mutter, "how do I make this thing?!"